Best crossbows under 500

Top 5 Best crossbows under 500 in 2019


Crossbow hunting is becoming more popular nowadays as many people are enjoying the thrill of hunting outdoors with primitive weapons.   Although it was developed many years ago, this simple but effective weapon has more benefits compared to what a standard bow can offer. When you use a crossbow you will be able to shoot an arrow with a higher force capacity compared to a conventional bow. The crossbow also offers better ease of use and velocity accuracy.

If you are using other types of standard bows you may not achieve the shooting accuracy and power of a crossbow, for this reason, the crossbow is generally the best weapon for bow hunting. Therefore if you want to take your bowhunting to the next level and wondering whats the best crossbow under$500 currently on the market, then you are in the right place. Although there are many crossbows in this price range,  we put together a list of the some of the Top 5 Best crossbows under 500

 CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow Package

This is an award-winning crossbow and it may be the best when it comes to the top crossbows under 500. This large bow has a pass-through fore-grip and fully adjustable stock which can accommodate your style of shooting for better accuracy.

Its quad limbs are fitted with a machined precision CNC cam system, which delivers maximum mind-blowing speeds of 370 FPS.

You can easily maneuver the sniper due to the durable and lightweight CNC machined rail which has an 18-inch width axle to axle when cocked and 21 inch when relaxed. It has a draw weight of 185 pounds. In addition to this, it has a scope of 4×32 mm, rope cocker, quiver, and three 20 inch carbon bolts. It has auto safety trigger and anti-dry fire mechanisms which prevent ill-intentioned shots. There is also an integrated strain suppressor which keep your shots vibration free and quiet.



  • It’s lighter compared to other crossbow packages since it’s made of high-quality plastic
  • Comes with an illuminated optic, which allows hunting in poorly lit areas.
  • Packed with a high level of power.


  • Cheap material may not be as sturdy
  • May require a lot of time assembling this bow for proper resistance strength.


 RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

This wonderful bow is made of fiberglass and aluminum and fits various types of body sizes, making it the best choice for women and young archers. This bow is also customizable like other bow packages. You can choose a draw weight of 30 to 70 lbs and draw length 24.5 to 31 inches without any need to press the bow.

This bow has a maximum speed of 315ft per second, therefore, it’s not only fast but highly accurate. If you intend to use this bow for hunting, then purchasing the camouflage pattern will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you wish to use it for target practice, then you can buy the one which has a solid black color.


  • One month 100% guaranteed warranty.
  • Great  customer service from the manufacturer
  • Made of high-quality materials, Very durable and solid since it is made of aluminum cams compared to other bows which are designed using plastic.
  • Consistent and smooth shooting, you can fully customize it so that it fits any size of the body.


You can only use it if you are right-handed. In some cases, you may have some issues with the cable guard pulling out of the bow.



Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package

It offers you great design, accuracy, comfort, and safety. It has reinforced safety wings which are made of nylon. This bow has a self-retracting, integrated and sleek rope cocking system which is able to reduce the draw weight up to 50 % and at the same time be able to draw the bow accurately.

Its black limbs have a tactical build which is sturdy enough in handling rough hunting conditions and at the same time offers plenty of support and stability for the aluminum riser.

These limbs also have the TenPoint’s energy wheel that assists in making sure that you have an easy and smooth draw. Comes with an arrow length of 20 inches and when cocked it has an axle to axle length of 19 inches.

The energy of 96.7 lbs and draw weight of 165 lbs. The dry fire inhibitor works in limiting expensive damage to the bow which can undermine its performance and accuracy. Its 3.5-pound trigger has a tight and smooth feel that is easy to pull. It’s able to produce a speed of 330 fps.

The quiver of this crossbow is convenient enough to assist you to keep track of the carbon arrows which are 20 inches; at 3,400 grain are very powerful enough to pierce through the target.


  • It’s extremely lightweight and balanced well at 6.6
  • It has a highly convenient ACU-52 cocking system.
  • It offers a smooth draw for you to have accurate shots.
  • 3x scope which is easy to adjust for about 30 to 40 yards.



  • Its louder compared to other bows
  • It has a limited warranty period.
  • It does not have a rope cocking device and illuminated scope


Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 FPS Crossbow

This effective and compact crossbow is for any person who is looking to improve their hunting game. It offers great customization, looks, and performance which can enable you to become a better hunter. Upon impact, it’s able to produce about 103-lbs of kinetic energy.

Although looking at its name you may think it is mainly meant for whitetails, but when you use it, you’ll realize that it has enough power to hunt almost any animal. .It includes lube wax, two 20 inch headhunter arrows, lightweight quiver, rope cocking device, and a 4×32 scope.

It has dimensions of 34.25 inches length by 18.25 inches width. Axle to axle 16.125 inches and weight of 6.4 lbs. Its limbs are made of a custom composite laminate which makes them durable for cold water hunting. It also has an adjustable butt pad for you to have a comfortable position.


  • Specializes in deer hunting
  • Shorter length and width for you to maneuver easily
  • Very lightweight
  • Highly accurate in shooting


The scope may take some time for it to sight correctly. Its safety and anti dry fire mechanism may malfunction. Its grips and stock are not adjustable.


Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

It’s a complete crossbow package which includes a premium red dot sight, bolts and quick detach quiver. It has a velocity speed of 315 FPS, includes 3 arrows, has a smooth trigger pull of 3.5 lb, and It has a draw weight of about 150 pounds. It has a military style stock which is sleek in design.

Comes with a synthetic cable system and string and high energy wheels. This bow only weighs 7.7 pounds and measures 35.5 inches length by 26.5 width inches



  • This bow is lightweight making it easy to carry and at the same time preventing arm fatigue.
  • It’s lightweight design also makes it the best choice for both adults and children.
  • This is the best choice for intermediate and beginners.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Its stock is not adjustable
  • Does not have a cocking device
  • Its simple and inexpensive design may not be appealing to all clients.
  • It produces some noise



Factors to consider when choosing the best crossbow under 500

  Your measurements-

It’s important to know your height and physical strength so that you can buy the best crossbow that fits you. You must also look at the draw length, weight, and other measurements for shooting accuracy and effectiveness.

Your purpose

Before you purchase a crossbow, it’s important to know the reasons why you want to buy it. For instance, it may be for target practice or deer hunting.

 Your Safety

When it comes to buying the best crossbow under 500 you must look at the anti-firing mechanisms. It’s important that you buy a crossbow with proper safety features that will help prevent unnecessary accidents.




A crossbow is an excellent weapon and if you are able to learn how to effectively use it, then you can really have fun and put it to good use. If you are looking for the best crossbows under 500, then the above crossbow reviews will not only help you choose but will also give you reliable and beneficial information. Crossbows are becoming very popular among hunters and hobbyist, so if you are a hunter or hobbyist,  we suggest you have at least one good crossbow in your arsenal.

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