best electric trolling motors for the money

Top 3 best Electric Trolling Motors for the money 2020

When it comes to fish trolling, to be highly effective, you definitely want to make sure you find the best electric trolley motor on the market. Trolley motors are best known for their extremely quiet motors, easy and smooth steering, and not requiring gas to run. In fact, some private lakes or bays prefer electric trolley motors to cut down on pollution

The Importance of Thrust Power

If you are considering to purchase a trolley motor, you must pay attention to the amount of thrust power which is measured in pounds. A good rule of thumb in measuring the pounds of your boat is 5 lb of thrust / 300 lb of weight generally 10 ft boat will take 35 pounds of thrust power trolley motor. If you have a 20-foot boat you’re looking at about seventy-five pounds of thrust;  so remember if you want to move gracefully through the water, you must pick the right thrust power.

Also, some lakes will have thick weeds and may prove difficult to maneuver through. In these cases, if your boat struggles to get through, then purchase a blank or try to use a higher thrust power motor.

At this time most trolley motors only go up to 5 miles per hour no matter the thrust power. At this speed, a boat can effectively move through the water quietly without scaring off the fish. A great advantage when using an electric trolley motor over a conventional motor is that the electrical motor runs off a battery instead of gas.

This means instead of buying and handling gasoline, all you have to do is charge your battery and you’re instantly ready to go for hours. A good battery to use is any 12-volt deep cycle battery. Usually, a 50 – 100ah battery will give you power for all day use. Just place the battery in a battery cover and run 10 gauge wire to your electric trolly motor. You can find a deep cycle battery on Amazon here (UB121000 12V 100Ah)


How to determine how many pounds you will need?


Here is a chart on how to determine how many pounds of thrust you will need per boat

How to determine battery running time

The formula to determine the amount of running time you will get out of your battery is Battery  (AH) X 85% divided by the number of amps your trolley motor requires.

For Example: If you bought a 100ah battery and your trolley motor draws 10 amps, the formula would look like this

100 X 85% / 10 =  8.5 hours of running time.


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TOP 3 Electric Trolley motors to own


Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30″ Shaft)

Introducing the Minn Kota Endura Freshwater trolling motor. This highly efficient and inexpensive motor comes with a 6-inch telescoping handle for tilt twist tiller for proper speed control and steering. Its equipped with a 12v trolling motor that generators 30 pounds of thrust and maxes out at a top speed of 5mph.

With a 30 inch staff and a lock level mount, this trolly motor will seamlessly help with guiding and turning your boat in tight situations.  This trolly motor comes with a shaft lifetime warranty and a two year for the motor itself. This is a great purchase for the money. Check it out on Amazon here




Cloud Mountain Brushless Electric Trolling Motor with Stepless Speed Control

This cloud mountain electric trolling is definitely one to be on the top 3. With its brushless motor technology and premium design, this motor can easily give you the thrust you need and the noise reduction you want. With a whopping 200lbs of thrust and 5-speed forward/3 reverse, this is easily one of the best cost effective electric trolley motors. This powerful and durable motor comes with reinforcing steel brackets for proper support and stability.

This trolley motor can work in both Saltwater, and freshwater easily and is fitted with a corrosion resistant tensile.  The staff measures 30 inches and is easily adjustable for sitting or standing. You can purchase this electric trolling motor from Amazon




Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor


Another great Electric trolling motor to purchase is the Newport vessel 55 pound. This extremely quiet motor lets you fish all day without scaring off any fish.  It comes equipped with a 30-inch hard steel staff for easy steering and maneuvering, and an 8 speed and 6-inch telescoping handle (5 fwds and 3 revs). Drawing only 50 amps at the highest speed, you can run on battery power all day.

It also comes with a led battery meter, giving you accurate battery readings. With the corrosion-resistant shell, this trolley motor will work effectively in both salt and freshwater passages. You can purchase this trolley motor on Amazon


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