best non lethal self defense weapons

Best non lethal self defense weapons: Top 5

It’s not always about aggression or survival, at times one has to take guard and be vigilant in unprecedented circumstances. It’s not a pleasing affair to walk down an avenue alone and come across a large intimidating person. Not often encountered, but in such circumstances, one ought to be sufficiently armed.

On one hand, it is not your intention to annihilate the fellow but protect yourself. On the other hand, weapons were designed to inflict maximum pain or incapacitate to get away from the traumatizing scenario. Weapons that accomplish this, without much damage caused are known as non-lethal weapons. They come in handy in such times, and the best part is that they are easily concealable and legal. Among the best nonlethal self-defense weapons you never knew existed include:


Take Flight Led Tactical Pen


 Introducing the model TFc2 Take Flight Led tactical pen. This pen is made from CNC machined Aircraft grade aluminum, making it UN-matched in durability, ruggedness, and strength.

Although mainly designed for tactical situations, the pen is quite eloquent and comfortable and gives a great writing feel.  Surprisingly for its 6inch size, it can easily bust thru glass and help defend in self-defense or tactical situations. With it’s added flashlight, portable size, and tactical frame, many military pilots, hunters, and lawenforcement officers use this pen on a daily basis.

Key Features

-One Year Unlimited Warranty

-Gift box with extra ink replacements

-Glass Breaker, Flashlight, and Bottle Opener

-Great for military, Police, Hunters, and Everyday users

-Easily Concealed


Crosman Vigilante Air Pistol


Powered by CO2, the Crosman Vigilante Air Pistol is available as a single action or double action air pistol that is easy to use. With a unique revolver style, the air pistol is a semi-automatic-10-shot pistol with a finger-molded grip design. The pistol is perfect for shooting with a six-inch rifled steel barrel.

The caliber specifications include 177velocity with a 435-fps mechanism. The types of ammo used on the air pistol are pellets or BBsCapacity 10 round pellets or BBsGood 6 rounds. The pistol is suitable for plinking and target practice. Other elements that come with the rifle include a pellet clip and a 6 round BB Clip.

The pistol also comes with a holster and 1 extra pellet and BB Clip. The pistol weighs around 3 pounds and can be used for sporting, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Key Features

-Powerful air pistol with 177 velocity and 435 feet per second

-Can be both a single or double action rifle

-Has a unique revolver style

-Semi-automatic rifle

-Uses pellets and BBs as ammo



Police 519 Stun Gun


 This is not your common stun gun. It comes with a lifetime warranty. That is not the best part since it utilizes an easy and quickly deployable technology to fire the gun. The design and shape are completely off the chart with no other design similar to it. It’s a lightweight device and the method of use is through squeezing the stun gun.

When the Police 519 Stun Gun is used, it delivers a high voltage shock to the assailant. One has got to be near or close to them to effectively use the gun. It will instantly immobilize but no permanent damage is made to them.

The stun gun is rechargeable and comes with a free carrying case. Also, the gun has a bright LED light convenient for use whenever needed.

Key Features

-High voltage stun gun


-Has a bright LED light

-Lightweight non-lethal weapon

-Easy to use



Taser Pulse The Teaser Pulse


 A compact nonlethal weapon that is easily concealable and carries the same effect used in take-down as any other law enforcement weapon used. The weapon is intuitively designed and is a high-tech technology that can be used to disable an attacker 15 feet away and put them out for over 30 minutes.

The Taser Pulse is lightweight weighing around 1.7 pounds and utilizes batteries-a lithium powered magazine. It comes with one holster and 2 live cartridges. This non-lethal weapon is suitable for personal and tactical defense.

Key Features

-Compact and easily concealable

-High-tech to immobilize a mugger 15 feet away

-The Teaser Pulse is lightweight

-Comes with 1 soft holster and 2 live cartridges

-Lithium powered magazine



Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun


For personal and tactical defense, the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun is sure proven by professional agencies like the U.S Military and Federal Bureau of Prisons to be an effective non-lethal weapon. The weapon is easy to use and comes with a very exclusive and inclusive kit. The kit has one pepper spray gun, ten pepper spray rounds, ten practice rounds, a magazine with seven rounds, a lockable case and an easy to use manual.

The spray gun can be used over long distances with an over 150 feet and 21 shots proven range. The normal pepper spray range is 6-10 feet. It is also very reliable with the pepper spray having a shelf life of over 5 years. The spray gun utilizes lithium-ion batteries.

Key Features

-Requires 1 lithium ion battery

-Long distance range for protection while in use

-Reliable with the pepper spray having a shelf life of 5 years

-An extensive and inclusive kit

-Military grade




Personal and tactical defense is a priority. To protect yourself in case of a life-threatening situation, these non-lethal weapons come in handy. Most of them are suitable for a panic situation with easily deployable technology incorporated. They are also safe to use and highly recommended among the best nonlethal self-defense weapons. For the most part, they are affordable and highly effective non-lethal weapons.

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