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Top 5 best survival watches made to last 2019

If you’re the type of person that likes to spend a lot of time in the wilderness, then having some type of GPS, compass, or navigational gadget is essential to help you navigate through the woods.  Due to advancements in technology, experts have been able to design survival watches that offers all of these options in one. Therefore, If you are lost or just wondering where you are headed, by having the best survival watch, you will be much more effective in finding your way out or navigating to your next destination.

One of the best features of these survival watches is that their batteries are able to last a very long time, so you will not have to worry about changing or recharging them. Some survival watches are solar and can be charged by the sun while you are using them. If you research, you will find that there are many survival watches on the market, but we have thoroughly researched and found that these are among the Top 5 survival watches  you can buy

Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch

• This watch has more of a rugged look due to its textured bezel which shows fewer signs of wear and tear over time. The sapphire crystal makes it more scratch resistance and gives it more clarity on the screen.

The textile band comes with a nice design and is comfortable on the wrist.
• It has a discreet built-in flashlight that can illuminate your surroundings vividly.
• Comes with vibration alerts which are compatible with the night vision goggles and the customizable red backlight which can assist you to stay unnoticed.
• The Suunto’s shot automatic detection feature is able to keep track of your shooting locations. This also takes the coordinates of the GPS of your current location so that you can view them later.
• Comes with sunset and sunrise alerts to help assist you with planning your daily activities.
• Has a location-based moon phase calendar which has moon set and moon rise times can assist you to know the best fishing and hunting times.
• The Storm alarms and barometric pressure graph can allow you to closely follow changes in the weather.
• You can use the inbuilt digital compass in orientating yourself in new terrain.
• By using the topographic maps, you can plan your routes and the Suunto moves count web app can assist you to keep the diary of your fishing and hunting
• These watches are made handmade in Finland and they have been tested against all military standards.

Some customers have reported that the wristband does not last for long as it requires to be changed from time to time.
The shock resistance has been seen not to function well.

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2. Casio Men’s GW9400Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

This Casio Gw9400 digital watch is powered by solar, made of stainless steel with various displays, and has textured pushers and red contrasts.
This watch has various features such as buckle closure, date/day/month calendar display, countdown timer, 1/10 second stopwatch, 5 daily alarm alerts( snooze alarm and 4 one time), auto Led display, Mb6 atomic timekeeping, time stamp sunset and sunrise date, thermometer, barometer, altimeter and digital compass.
It also has a protective mineral crystal dial window and quartz movement which has an analog display.
It is water resistant up to 660 ft therefore suitable for scuba diving
This watch has been purposely designed using a black color which it’s suitable for military personnel so that they cannot be seen when hiding in the dark.

The Display of this watch is also dark, with the letters and number being color lit so that you can distinguish the data and time display when you are in dark places.
Poor reception may make it difficult for it to update the atomic clock.
You may also experience some issues when it comes to solar charging this watch.

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3. Citizen Watches Mens AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

• This is a military stainless steel watch has a rugged green canvas band, red contracting second hand, and round dial.
• This watch has various features such as a buckle closure, luminous hands, three subdials, date window, and protective mineral crystal dial window.
• Its dial window has been designed using a glass display of crystal mineral so that it’s non-reflective and virtually unbreakable
• It has a Japanese quartz movement which has an analog display.
• It’s able to charge with indoor light or natural sunlight
• The casing size of this watch is 39 mm.
• It’s able to resist water up to 330 ft therefore suitable for swimming and snorkeling
• The design of this watch makes it an important tool for aviators and pilots since it has a slide bezel ring and crown which is at the 8 o’clock position.
Does not have a stopwatch
The slide rule does not have backlighting which makes it difficult to see some readings clearly especially in dark place or at night.

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4. Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

• This is black solar powered watch which has various features such as power saving function, battery power indicator, 12/24 hour formats, countdown timer,full auto calendar( which has been pre-programmed up to the year 2099), 1/100 second stopwatch, five daily alarms, city code display, world time( for 48 cities and 31 time zones), El backlight, low temperature resistance( -10 C/ 14 F), thermometer, barometer,altimeter and digital compass.
• Since this model is powered by solar, you will not have to worry about the charging the battery, all you have to do is to wear it in an open place or where you can be exposed to light. It also has a power saving mode which you can activate from 10 pm to 6 am in the morning.
• You can use the altimeter is determining the altitude of your current location based on the amount of atmospheric pressure which could have accumulated.
• The barometer on this watch automatically measure the atmospheric pressure after every 2 hours and displays the current pressure and recent atmospheric
pressure tendency graphically.
• When fully charged the battery life is approximated to be 6 months.
• Quartz movement which has the digital display
• It has a 51-mm stainless steel case which has a mineral dial window.
• It has a resin band which has buckle closure and of measurements 57.3 by 50.9 by 15.3 mm.
• Able to resist water up to the height of 100m therefore suitable for snorkeling and swimming.
• Its ability to track elevation can allow the hikers to take even more challenging routes.
• Water resistant
• Solar powered
• Offers various functionalities
Looks great
• When the display is backlit, you may find it difficult to read especially in low light conditions.
• Some of its features may be challenging for you to use them or calibrate.
• It does not have GPS functionality.

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5.Casio Men’s G-Shock GWM5610-1 Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

This is a casual solar powered watch which has various functions such as multi-band atomic timekeeping, power saving function, battery indicator, full auto calendar, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch, five daily alarms, city code display, world time( 48 cities and 29 time zones), EL backlight and shock
This model has multi-band 6 and tough solar atomic timekeeping technology which is housed in a slim octagonal case. The tough-stop solar power offers energy through a solar panel combined large capacity rechargeable battery which enables various operations of this watch to run smoothly.
It’s water resistant up to the depth of 660ft, therefore suitable for serious surface water sports and professional marine activities.
The battery can take up to 10 months.
The only drawback which has been reported is that you will receive the manual of this watch in Japanese but if you are able to contact the manufacturer, they can email you the English Manual.

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Buyers Guide for best survival watches

Features to look for when buying the best survival watches
i. Accuracy
As you plan to buy your survival watch, it’s good that you buy one that is accurate in telling you the exact time zone.
ii. Water resistance
When you are doing any outdoor activity, there’s always a risk of getting water on your watch, for instance, you may sweat,  get rained on, fall into a pond or you may wish to swim. So make sure you look for a good water resistant watch. Being waterproof means that the watch can
resist water when it’s submerged completely in water while being water resistant means that it will resist water only when the humidity is low.
Therefore, you buy your watch you must look at for one which you think will be suitable for the outdoor activity which you will be doing.
iii. Power type
Many of the best survival watches are mechanical or quartz powered. For the Quartz watches, you will be required to have a battery so that you can have it running. However, they may be the best option since watch batteries are not required to change from time to time.
Mechanical watches are not supposed to have batteries for them to be running but must be wound so that they can run.
If you follow the above guide, you will find it easy when you are buying your survival watch.

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