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Champion 75537i: What makes this the best portable generator

The Champion 75537i is getting its praises sung by anyone who has owned one. At first glance, you can really see why. I would praise it too simply because it comes with a remote control that works at any distance up to 80 feet. That alone puts it in my good books. But there is more to it than just a remote control. From power output and noise levels, to how much usage’ you can get from it, customers are giving it the highest marks in almost every category you would want an inverter generator to have.

So what makes the Champion 75537i the best portable generator? Before we can start, you must know a little about where it comes from. Founded in 2003, the Champion Power Equipment company has climbed its way to having a great reputation with designing some of the best power generation equipment.

Great quality combined with great reliability is what has helped this small group of people earn such a reputation. Since day one, when they began in Santa Fe Springs, California, everything they have manufactured has been on American ground. Because of this, the company has been able to stay consistent in terms of quality and performance, leading to customers having high expectations, and Champion exceeding them all.

Champion manufactures conventional generators, home standby generators, inverter generators, winches, and log splitters too. Throughout their range of product line, you will consistently find high quality. Besides this high quality, the company aims to give its costumers a new and innovative product each year, setting themselves apart from the competition. This year it is the Champion 75537i, and it really does stand on a level on its own.


What are the Specs:

There are many reasons why the Champion 75537i has quickly become a favorite among RV campers and the likes. But first, you need to check out the specs, because they alone are rather impressive.

-Starting wattage of 3100 watts, with a running wattage of 2800 watts. Which you will find to be plenty to power your AC unit on an RV.

-AC output of 120V, with a 12V/8.3A DC output also.

-Pure sine wave current output, with a total harmonic distortion of less than 1.3 % under load.

-Single-cylinder Champion 171cc OHV engine (4-stroke, runs of gasoline)

-Fuel tank capacity of 1.6 US gallons (6 L). Which is plenty to keep you going!

-Automatic overload protection. The engine will cut out the moment you ask it to do too much.-Rated run-time of 8 hours under 50% load, can vary depending on the usage and operating conditions.

-Can be started with the pull cord, although it does come with a remote control and electric start system.

-Just 53 dB (A) from a distance of 23 feet (not full load)

-Measures 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 in length, width, and height respectively. It weighs 96 pounds, or 43 kilos when dry.

-Fully compliant with emission norms of 50 states and is certified by both the EPA as well as CARB.


  • Wireless remote,
  • Spark plug socket,
  • 12V DC charging cables,
  • Battery,
  • Oil funnel,
  • USB adapter (Automotive style 2.1A and 1A ports).

This is a substantial amount to get with your generator, and it is all up to date equipment too, like USB adapters for example. Now you have seen the specs (taken from the manual), but what does all that mean? It’s time to find out!


What can I power with a Champion 75537i?

Anything from a laptop to the air conditioning in your RV. RV’s that are 20 to 27 feet long tend to have an AC that can be anywhere between 13k to 14k BTU’s* and the Champion 75537i boasts a power of 3100 watts, which is more than enough to run such an AC. However, when running your AC, you need to consider this: an AC requires a substantial amount of power to run, so if you are powering your AC don’t try to power any other electrical devices that use a high-power input. You may manage to also power a few lights and the television, but something like a microwave oven will be too much.*

The British thermal unit (Btu or BTU) is a unit of work equal to about 1055 joules. Also, constitutes part of the United States customary units. It is the quantity of work needed to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water by one-degree Fahrenheit. Its metric counterpart is the calorie. In science and engineering, the joule, the SI unit of energy, has largely replaced the Btu (Wikipedia)What is the power/gas ratio? One of the main things you desire to know when buying anything, especially an inverter generator, is how much power do you get for how much gas.

Essentially, it is the effectiveness of the Champion 75537i that matters to us all. The generator boasts a 1.6 US gallon tank, 6 liters if you prefer metric, and claims to be able to last 8 hours of steady work. However, customers are finding that it will run an AC unit for 5 to 6 hours before needing more gas, which is still very good. The generator also has an eco-mode, where it uses less fuel and is quieter while powering a smaller load (ideal for evenings or nights). But it also has a higher speed for heavier loads.

Fuel saving tip: When it is really hot both outside and inside of your RV, start your AC unit at 75 to 85 Fahrenheit. If you try to start it at a lower temperature the AC will draw a substantial amount of power and you risk cutting out the generator. So, start a little higher and lower it as the room cools down. This way the AC unit uses less power and your Champion 75537i can cope with the load easier.


Noise Level of the Champion 75537i

Will it keep me up at night? No, it won’t. With a noise level of just 53 decibels at 23 feet, the Champion 75537i is incredibly quiet. Add on the economy mode, which makes the generator even quieter and you will be amazed at how silent it is. That is to say, it is around an equal noise level of average speech. The optimal way to minimize any noise is to place the Champion 75537i  at the furthest distance from your RV as possible and turn the exhaust side away from your trailer. That way you minimize the noise to a slight hum. This means the generator is perfect for any campsite, you can have a conversation outside (just don’t stand around the generator) and you (and other campers) will sleep undisturbed by the noise at night.


Can I carry it around everywhere I go?

While the Champion 75537i is not light at 96 lbs (43 Kg) when dry, you can lift it and carry it if you are reasonably fit (do not try to lift or carry if you suffer from back problems). On the plus side, it does have wheels and a massive handle so you can wheel it around once you arrive at your destination. Although this is a good build, the wheels don’t offer great ground clearance, and the bottom may drag on softer ground. That is not to say that the wheels don’t work, they work perfectly well, but are just a little bit small. The ideal situation is a pickup, so you can leave the Champion 75537i on the flatbed throughout your stay or while you are doing what you need to do with the generator.


How is the Maintenance of the Champion 75537i

Reading what other owners have said about the Champion 75537i, there aren’t many issues. One customer did mention that the wheel came off due to the cotter pin, which keeps the wheel in place, being a bit too weak. This is easily solved with a stronger pin, which you can replace at home without any difficulty. The manual recommends you chance the oil ever 100 hours of use. One way to ensure you do this frequently, and thus keeping the engine well lubricated, is to drain it at the end of every vacation/season and refill it before every vacation/season.


Is it the best?  Quite simply put, yes.  If you are looking for a generator that will give you amazing value for money, then the Champion 75537i is the one for you. High quality, reliable, and efficient, the Champion has it all. It won’t keep you up at night with ridiculously high noise levels and you don’t need a crane to move it. What really makes this generator different from its competitors is the price. One happy camper claimed he could buy two for the same price as any other big market name. Having a remote control to start the Champion 75537i is also a great feature that saves to the trouble of pulling the starter cord in the blistering heat or arctic cold. It’s the small details like this that, I believe make the Champion 75537i the best portable generator of its kind. Value for money, comforts, and reliability are things I look out for when buying a generator, and the Champion has them all.

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