how to start fire in the woods

How to start a fire in the woods without matches:(5 Methods)

In terms of survival, it is always vital to have that extra knowledge to help us survive in harsh conditions while in the woods. Knowing how to make a fire without the use of matches is one of the basic skills that you need to learn.  At times you maybe be prepared and carry matches with you for your camping tour. But you should always be prepared for the worse.

Being in the woods anything might happen you might misplace or even wet your matches. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make fire…  If you can learn to make fire without matches, you have a greater chance of surviving alone in the wild until help reaches. Below are 5 basic ways that you can use to make fire without using matches.

  1. Using steel and flint stone. This method is one of the easiest ways to make fire. You simply begin by laying pieces of dry or charred material on the ground. Keep the flint stone and steel about 2 inches away and hit the steel repeatedly against the flint stone. As expected sparks come off the steel and land on the dry or charred material. As the spark glows aim to protect it and gently blow until the glow generates a flame and ignite a fire. The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t matter if the flint and steel are wet.
  2. Using a glass lens. This method of effectiveness is determined by the strength of the sun’s rays. The lens can either be a piece of glass, spectacles, a binocular lens or even a mirror. When the sun is focused on a scale test, the energy from the sun can help you make fire. A good tinder to ensure that this method is ideal is using dry leaves, twigs or dry wood. Collecting the right material is an art in itself and crucial for the start of the fire.
  3. Using the bow drill method. This method is also an effective way to make fire but it requires a lot of energy. It works under the principle of friction (generating enough energy that is transformed into heat, then light). To start you need to have a fire board, you then need the following: a piece of string or laces, a socket, a fire board, a spindle and your dry tinder.   Once you have all those materials, cut a V-shaped notch in the fire board and place your dry tinder under it. Hold the wooden spindle with the bowstring; have one end on the fire board and the other end into the socket. Then saw with the bow until you see an ember. When you succeed to do that and more dry material and blow gently. This method requires a lot of practice but once you master it, it becomes much easier and faster to do.
  4. Using steel wool and a 9-volt battery. This is a simple method which requires you to rub the parts of a steel wool bundle to the terminals of a 9-volt battery. Sparks start to emanate in seconds, have your dry tinder ready and direct the sparks there to create a flame, blow gently as you add more dry material. Check out this video on youtube showing you how easy it is to do.

  1. Using chocolate and soft drinks can. This method is unusual, but if one of you like to drink sodas and snacks on a candy bar, then you have everything to start a fire up. To do this, simply apply a small piece of chocolate at the bottom of the soft drink can. This polishing creates a parabolic mirror at the bottom of the can, which you can use as a reflective mirror. Position the can directly towards the sun and reflect the light to your tinder.


As said earlier, fire is an essential survival tool, it can be used to keep wild animals and mosquitoes away, it also provides heat and for cooking food and keeping you warm. So if you can learn how to light a fire without matches, you can easily survive in desperate situations.   Finally, once you start a fire in the woods, always extinguish it once you intend to relocate since the wild is home to many animals and we don’t want to leave them homeless. Check out how to filter water in the wild

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