How to survive a bear attack

How to survive a bear attack and not die

To answer the question, how to survive a bear attack,  lets look at some quick, but effective ways to stay alive. One of the most effective ways to survive a bear attack is to carry some bear spray with you.  Next, depending on the type of bear you encounter, you need to make yourself appear bigger and taller than you really are such as shouting or waving your hands above your head. Another way is to play dead, bears will usually stop their attack on you if they feel you are no longer a threat,  but unfortunately this tactic is not recommend for all bears. Lastly, you should never run away from a bear or climb a tree. Bears can run up to 30 mph( that’s faster than Usain Bolt) and are experts at climbing trees.




If you are an outdoor person who loves to camp, hike, hunt, or walk in the woods then it’s essential to know how to survive or avoid a bear attack.  Bears are located around the world, most are omnivores, but some are carnivores.  Although all bears can be extremely dangerous, they are not all created equal in size, strength, or aggression.

If you’re lucky, you may just encounter a black bear which is easily spooked, but if you come across a grizzly or polar bear, then you must be aware of the type of danger they can bring.  Let’s compare & contracts the different types of bears, so that you can be better prepared if you happened to find yourself in this dangerous situation.


How to survive a Black Bear attack

Black bears are mid size bears who are native to North America. They usually weigh in between 126-551 pounds and have great claws for climbing trees.   This type of bear is the least dangerous out of the three bear species in North America. Over the years black bears have grown in population, and can be spotted in many different areas in the united states. Most black bears will flee at the presence of humans, instead of launching an attack out of fear or protecting their cubs.

Since black bears are wide spread, they are often spotted in camp and dumpster areas. To avoid a black bear encounter around your camp ground, please conceal all foods and trash, especially when your sleeping in your tents.

Key Points

  • Keep Bear spray on you- Bear spray is very powerful and effective and should always be on you. If you see a bear in your area, then spray the bear spray in the air. Bear spray is effective up to 40 ft.
  • Make loud noise- Black bears are easily spooked and will usually run away if frightened.
  •  Fight back- If you are indeed attacked by a black bear, then you should fight back. Black bears are less aggressive than other bears, so you have a much better chance of running them off. If you decide to fight back, then aim for the nose and eyes.



How to survive a Grizzly Bear attack

Grizzly( brown bears) are large bears weighing in anywhere from 350-1,000 pounds.  They can be extremely aggressive and are not the type of bear you want to get attacked by.  Grizzly bears have a large population  through out North America; they can be found as south as Mexico and as north as Alaska.  Most Grizzly bear attacks occur from a mother bear protecting her young, and will have no problem killing a human if provoked. 

The best way to survive a grizzly bear attack is to first not run, but back away slowly.  If you have some bear spray on you, then you better use it.  Also if the Grizzly bear attacks you despite walking away or spraying bear spray, then fall to the ground and place your hands and arms over your head.  Many Grizzly bears will not continue to attack you if they feel you are no longer a threat, if you play dead and the bear successfully leaves you alone, then continue to play dead for another 10 minutes, so it doesn’t come back to finish you off.

Key Points

  • Bear spray is essential and very effective. You can find a good bottle of bear spray  on Amazon
  • Don’t run, Stop, and back away slowly
  • If attacked fall to the ground and protect your head.
  • If you have no choice but to fight, then aim for eyes and nose


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How to survive a Polar Bear attack

how to survive a bear attack

Polar bears are the largest species of bears, weighing in at an average weight of 700-1500 pounds. They are the largest land carnivores on earth and can be extremely dangerous.  Getting attacked by a polar bear will almost surely end of your life,  but if you do happen to escape, more than likely you will be critically injured and will need to seek medical attention immediately. 

Polar bears are natively located in the Arctic Circle. These areas are wildly unpopulated by people, so polar bear to human interaction is minimal; therefore, a polar bear is likely to see you as prey instead of an intruder. If you ever encounter a polar bear at close range, then the best thing for you to do is spray bear spray immediately and walk away slowly with your face facing the bear. This type of bear is better to observe at a distance than close up.

Key Points

  • Do not run or turn your back from a polar bear. Most likely they will see you as prey anyway, so it will only make matters worse if you run
  • Use bear spray- If you find yourself in these habitats then its essential to have bear spray on you.
  • Carry a rifle and a knife with you- If you get attacked you will need it
  • If you are attacked by a polar bear unfortunately playing dead will not work. You will most likely die, but if you decide to be a cowboy and fight back,  then you must fight  like you’ve have never fought before and try to use all available resources.



Bears are amazing creatures and quite fascinating if you ask us, but just like any wild animal they can be unpredictable and very dangerous. To be truthful, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever be mauled by a bear, so you do have chance by your side, but It’s better to watch from afar than to be up close and personal.

If you are an outdoor person and live in the territory of one of these bears, then just be cautious and remember to carry bear spray with you just in case. Most bears will run away after they catch a whip of the spray. Hopefully  this article on how to survive a bear attack was helpful to you.







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