Top 3 inflatable pontoon boats for fishing

Inflatable pontoon boats are mainly used for fishing and have become very popular over the last few years. Instead of metal, they have inflatable pontoons which makes it easy to store in small spaces such as a closet or car trunk. Some inflatable pontoon boats are frameless while others have metal frames which means you can easily set them up or store in small carrying bags. This makes a trip to the lake seamless and easy. Let’s take a look at some of the best inflatable pontoon boats on the market:

 Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount

This Inflatable pontoon boat has a heavy-duty steel tube construction which enhances its control and stability. The pontoon tops have an 840-denier while the bottoms have a 1,100 denier nylon for abrasion resistance.

It comes with a fold-down padded plastic backrest seat which can be adjusted and a non-slip footrests which can comfortably accommodate the height of any user. This inflatable pontoon boat has a transport wheel which you can use to move your outfitted pontoon to any convenient location on dry land.

When you are not using this wheel you can store it under the boat seat. It has a stripping basket which can be easily removed and attached on the side of the boat or over the lap attachments.

You can enjoy wire storage at the rear which is behind the seat; this doubles to act as a great battery platform which you can use for trolling the motor. The front of this boat has two carabineer clips and one retention cord. There is also a single rod holder which can be mounted into 3 different positions on every oar stand.

It offers large storage capacities –

It has removable side pockets and tow insulating beverage holders which you can customize so that you are able to meet your storage needs and preferences. Side pockets can also be combined to create a portable gear bag which can be used to store your items. This unit has a total of 20 pockets for storing all your accessories.

When it’s assembled it has a weight of 69 lbs and size of 108 inches long by 56 inches width by 30 inches in height. It has a maximum capacity weight of 400 lbs.


  •  It’s fun to paddle
  •  Large storage capacity for your goods.
  •  Compact and highly stable.
  •  Comes with a two-year warranty.
  •  Sold at an affordable price.
  • It has heat and cold resistant bladders.


  •  Its oars are somewhat heavy
  •  Does not have a swivel seat.
  •  Some customers have reported that it has some issues with its Oarlock system.

12 ft Inflatable Kayak Fishing Tender Inflatable Poonton Boat 2 Person Kayak

This is a special kayaking boat which you can paddle in any place that you wish. It weighs about 58 lbs and carries a maximum weight of 480 lbs with a tube diameter of 14.5 inches. It has over a length of 12 ft and a width of 3.8 ft with the inside width being 16.5 inches. It comes with a removable seat bag and aluminum bench seats. This boat has been designed in such a way that you can easily achieve faster planning and rear buoyancy when you are taking off.

The seams of this boat have been welded using heat, therefore, you can use it in salt water, fresh water, and even where there are extreme weather conditions. It has 4 individual chambers and comes with 4 fins which improve tracking.

Comes with accessories such as repair kits, carrying bag, foot pump, oars, and seats. Its bottom floor and main tube are made of 1100 denier and 0.9 mm PVC fabric. For you to row this boat easily it has an in-built oarlock. It can carry a maximum of two people.


  •  Extremely portable as it can fit into a medium bag
  •  Has a table design which can allow you to stand while you are fishing; you can also get into narrow paths where other boats may not go so that you can have better fishing.
  •  You can use any inexpensive small gas motor or electric trolly motor to run it.
  • Takes a little amount of time to inflate this boat which is less than 15 minutes.
  •  Comes with a 2- year warranty.


When you expose this boat to too much sunlight its pressure may go up which may damage its seams. Slightly heavy to move it around.


Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat – Pro Package

This boat has been built so that it meets the needs of any solo fisherman. It’s lightweight enough to carry around yet tough enough to handle any object that you run into. It has the ability to inflate in less than 5 minutes so that you can get the best fishing platform for any flat water conditions. It has enough capacity to hold up to 450 lbs and enough space of about 9 inches hull length.

This inflatable boat is the best choice for any kind of user whether they’re a beginner, intermediate or experienced who wish to avoid stress and inconvenience of rigid hulls. You can power it using an electric trolley motor or small gas motor. You can also row or paddle it which means you can maneuver and move around easily and quickly. It has a raised fabric design which rarely touches the water.

This is to ensure that you limit the exposure of this floor to sharp objects. It also has Universal Scotty mounts which means you can easily customize it in the best way that you can.



  • You can row it on both sides that are forward and backward.
  • It has excellent seating accessories
  •  It has 2 integrated rod holders
  • It has large air chambers which allow this frameless boats to support a large amount of weight but will be able to draft about 4 inches of water.
  • It’s frameless therefore you can easily set it up.
  • Easily portable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Lugged and functional
  • Due to its robust structure, you can fish while standing on it.
  • You can easily and quickly set it up in less than 5 minutes.


  • Its rod holders are placed in an awkward position.
  • It has poor tracking therefore hard to control especially in windy conditions.
  • Only one person can sit on this boat, therefore in case you wish to go with your friend for fishing then you will have to buy a larger boat which might be costly.


How to choose the best inflatable Pontoon boats.


In case you wish to buy the best inflatable pontoon boats there are so many factors that you will have to look at some of them are as highlighted below.


i) With a frame or frameless

The pontoon boats are either designed with or without a frame. In case you wish to have a more sturdy design which has a steel alloy or aluminum then you to select one which has a frame. On the other in case you are looking for a boat which is easily portable then you must buy a frameless pontoon boat.


ii) Material

The designing material also plays an important role when you are buying your pontoon boat. It’s good to buy a boat with a fabric which is strong and sturdy. In case you’re planning to paddle in slightly harsh or choppy water then you must select a pontoon boat which is rugged.


iii) Storage capacity

The best inflatable pontoon boat must have good storage facilities which you can use in storing your gears, food, clothes and other essential items. In case you are not concerned about the storage facilities then you have to select one which does not have pockets. However, it’s recommended that you choose a pontoon boat which has storage options as they can be helpful in the future.


iv) Motor mounting


While you’re selecting a pontoon boat for fishing, its best to consider if it has the ability to handle a motor or not. This is due to the fact that when you are fishing, you may not wish to waste a lot of time in paddling. There are various types of trolling motors on the market. This can enable you to move around the lake as fast as possible while also conserving energy.


v) Weight

In case you wish to carry your boat to different lakes or bays then it’s good that you buy one that is lightweight.


vi) Backrest

In case you are planning to paddle for long hours, then you might want to choose a pontoon boat that has good backrest so that you may limit harming you back.



As seen above inflatable pontoon boats are some of the best boats you can use for quick and easy fish without breaking the bank. They will offer you a unique experience compared the traditional boats. If you wish to buy one, then you should look at the above options and see which one fits your requirements. So many people have used these inflatable pontoon boats and they have revealed that they have had a fantastic experience, why then should you be left behind?

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