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5 Best portable solar panel kits for camping


With the onset of solar technology, more and more people have started to invest in solar panels. From charging small portable devices such as laptops, tablets, phones to providing electricity to entire RV campers, portable solar panels are becoming popular for many outdoor enthusiasts.   Nowadays It would not be surprising to see a few people with solar panels while out hiking and camping.

Portable solar panels are usually smaller and more portable than regular panels you put on the roof of a house. Many of the portable solar panels have the ability to fold up like a  folder or suitcase making them very effective and useful for camping and hiking. Now just as these panels are very convenient,  some of them can be on the expensive side depending on how much energy you need.  With more than just a few players on the market, it’s best to be absolutely sure which of these products will best fit your lifestyle.  Well, look no more! Your search for the best portable solar panel and battery kit ends here, as we have listed down the top 5 best portable solar panel kits for your needs without breaking the bank.


GoalZero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar-Generator Kit with Boulder-50 Solar Panel

The Goal Zero Yeti 400Lithium Solar Generator is not only as quiet as the Tesla but also lighter than many of its counterparts. It comes packed with a replaceable lithium battery which weighs only 17lbs and is packed with extended 18-month shelf life. It hosts an adequate number of power supply options including 3 USB ports, 2 outlets, and 12V output. Also, the dashboard is informative with easy to notice battery level monitors, runtime/recharge time estimators.

The Boulder 50 solar panel of 50 watts comes with the inbuilt strong tempered glass within an aluminum frame with cutting edge corner protection. With a 7-hour recharge cycle, when fully charged this powerhouse can easily support 40 smartphones recharges, more than 70 camera and headlamp recharges, around 10 tablet and 5 laptop recharges and even has the boldness to support a mini fridge and a 32 inch LCD TV.

All the above features are suited for a camper of any sort provided your camping days are sunny. A big shortcoming of this product may be it’s overpricing for its features. It may not prove to be absolutely cost effective, but if you are camping with your family you will certainly need a bigger generator. Having said that, if the price is not the driving factor and if you love to camp with your family, then this is certainly the product you would want to buy.


RenogyFoldable Solar Suitcase-Kit 100W Mono With The Phoenix Generator

If you are looking to venture to hard terrain off grid campaign then this is certainly one of the best portable solar panel and battery kit out there. This product has not only proved to be convenient but also dependable on innumerable occasions. TheRenogy 100W Solar Suitcase comes packed with two 50W monocrystalline solar panels, MC4 connectors in one 15 inch set of wires with a protective case for safe travel along with adjustable aluminum stands, latches, and handles. TheSolar Suitcase is said to provide uninhibited performance even during low-light conditions and the stands are coated with anti-corrosion aluminum panels. The generator is equipped with a 16ah battery which will easily run multiples gadgets for long periods of time. It also comes with 4 USB ports, 1 AC outlet,  1 cigarette outlet, and 2 dc ports.

A product worthy of its price does have some shortcomings as well and too many customers may even have gone on to prove real deal breakers. One of them is poor technical assistance while another is some hiccups during initial runs.

So, if you perform a mandatory check on the availability of technical support in your region and have faced zero problems during its starting days, then this product is certainly one of the best portable solar panel and battery kit out there for you. Do keep in mind though that it is not totally waterproof so using the case outside may prove risky.



SunJack 25W Solar Charger + 2x10000mAh The SunJack 20W SolarCharger

seems to have captured the attention of a number of potential buyers. Proved to be ideal for hiking, outdoor ventures, backpacking, camping with jam-packed preparedness for emergency purposes this product will never let your life run out of power. Also, the product owners take customer satisfaction very seriously; hence they have one of the best customers supports in the industry all the more cherry topping with doorstep availability with a 12-month warranty.

Already trademarkedSMART, this solar charger comes with an in-built smart IC chip to make sure that you have an efficient time-saving charging period for your devices all the more protecting your devices from overcharging. When it comes to technical specifications this certainly proves to be one of the industry best portable solar panel and battery kit with its panels pumping a whopping 2 Amps of power to your USB ports in order to provide charging speeds at normal rates. It comes packed with two high capacity 10000mAh power banks with the latest charging facilities to make sure that your phones and tablets are always charged.

The panels are also industry standard with adequate protective features against rugged terrains and weather conditions. Its foldability feature allows it to be folded into the size of an Ipad. But sadly, this product also has its shortcomings. A number of cases of loose wires and intermittent connections during charging time have been reported by the users. Also, it seems that the product may have compromised on its hardware quality just so as to keep up with its flexibility and portability features.

Rockpals100W Foldable-Solar Panel Charger

One of the best portable solar panel and battery kit yet. This charger is compatible with the most solar generators available on the market provided with varying size of connectors and 5V USB device charging options including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and GPS. This one is also a smart charger with a built-in IC chip allowing you to maximize your charging speeds while protecting your device from overcharging as well. The most eye-catching feature of this product is its high rate of energy conversion which is said to convert 21.5% to 23.5% of solar power into deliverable free energy.

Oxford cloth gives it the required durability it seeks as well as being resistant to water with a reasonable price it is really hard to turn your eyes away from this product. The only minute drawback of this powerful charger may be incompatible with the devices that you use regularly. Adapters not being compatible with laptops is also a big disadvantage. Also, although compatible with all solar generators this one sadly does not support Jackery 440.



Blovar Solar Charger Five Panels Detachable QI wireless Charger 20000 mah portable power bank

has a whopping 24% solar power conversion rate which makes this charger powerful enough to charge 2 devices at the same time. Coupled with smart technology certainly makes it a contender for the best portable solar panel and battery kit in the market. This charger has been marked compatible with USB powered devices, iPhones of all variants, iPad, Kindle, Samsung smartphones of Galaxy series and other daily use electronic devices including power banks.

Water resistance and shielding with PET polymer sewn into polyester canvas make it stand out as one of the most durable chargers out there. Coupled with a warranty from Amazon and a120 day money back guarantee offer it has won the confidence of a number of customers.

The only reason you may not find it suitable pertaining to your needs is reported compatibility issues and faulty output while powering up more than a single device. Although the owner of the charger claims that 2 devices can be charged at the same time maybe there is a lack of transparency regarding the list of devices. Other than that, a sure shot worthy buy.



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