Survival fishing: 7 Easy methods to fish in a survival situation

If you find yourself in a  survival situation,  one of the first few things you need to figure out is how to find food. Chances are, you wont have a 21 century fishing pole with bait and hook laying around, so your going to have to improvise and find a non-traditional way to catch fish.  In ancient times people used many different methods to fish, some of which are still applicable today. For instance, there is the use of poison to kill fish, the traditonal fishing pole, and traps and nets used to catch fish. In this article we will take a deep dive into seven most effective methods you can apply to catching fish in a survival situation.


How to fish in a survival situation


1. Hand Fishing  This method involves catching fish with your bare hands. There are some areas where fish tend to concentrate in one place. For example, after floods, fish may be collected in small pools of water. In such cases, you can jump into the pool of water and attempt to catch the fish by hand. There are  other specific places where fish will hide when in water. For instance, some types of fish will prefer hiding in crevices. coral reefs, or behind rocks. Generally it’s better to catch fish in shallow water where you have more balance, but you may at times  have to dive and swim deeper water to find  bigger fish.

Basically, all you will need to do is ease your hands in an area where you know fish are located and let them nipple and bite your hand while using your other hand to grab them. With practice this method can be very effective, just becareful and know what type of fish you’re trying to catch because some fish are poisonous and their fins can sting.

2. Hand Line Fishing  You can use a hook, bait, and line to catch fish. If you are in a survival situation, you can make a DIY hand line and apply it to catch fish. The bait can be easily obtained from your surroundings. You should be able to easily find worms under rocks or near a water sources. Attach your bait to the fish line( You can create a fishline by striping thin bark off of smaller trees)  and deep your line into the water where fish known to swim.  For the hook, you can use small bones or any items you can find in the survival situation. The method works well if you can improvise on the different objects available in the survival situation.


3. Fish Poisoning There are some herbs which can be mixed to make fish poison. If you can locate such herbs and mix them well, you can create poison and apply it to kill fish. Before you decide to use the fish poison, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. First, you need to check out if the herbs you are applying are safe for human consumption. Avoid using poison thatcan expose you to food poisoning.The fish poison should be applied in still water.

It will be a waste of time if you applied fish poison in running water because  running water will end up diluting the poison which will make it less effective in killing the fish. If the only source of water with fish available is running water, then you need to start by creating some form of barrier which will allow you stop the water.  After you have successfully stopped the water or slowed it down, then you can apply poison to kill the fish. When fish poison is used well,  you can have a very successful day catching fish.


4. Apply Gorge Hooks  This method is defined by placing hooks inside your bait, then placing that bait in a strategic locations to have the fish swallow it. In some cases, you may have eaten food, and the bones were left. Apply the bones to make a hook and place it in water to get fish to swallow it. You may have to conceal the bone in bait which will attract the fish to swallow. The hook should be created in such a way the fish will swallow it, and it remains lodged in the fish stomach so that you can then pull the fish out. This method may be cruel, but it works very well when it comes to catching fish.

You need to have a net nearby so that you can scoop out the fish after it has swallowed the bone. The method works in such a way you will wait till the fish swallows the bone and it starts to struggle after which you can easily scoop it out using the net. It is a different method as opposed to netting which requires only the net. You need to improvise the net. Use your clothes such as your vest to make a net in the survival situation so that you can apply it to scoop the struggling fish out.

The main reason for using the gorge hooks method is to let the fish swallow the bone after which you can quickly locate it. The small net you will create out of your clothes is easy to scoop out the fish after it has been trapped. It is an effective method of catching different sizes of fish in a survival situation.


5. Fish Weir  The weir refers to the construction of a trap which will direct fish to a given location. Fish tend to swim in broad pathways which reduces chances of catching them through spearing or hand fishing. To find and catch fish easily using a net or your hands, you need to direct them to a small place where it will be easier to scoop them up.  This is where building an fish weir comes into place. You can build a weir using stones, mud sticks or any given material available.

This method works very well if you intend to fish in an area where fish swims towards a given place. To quickly catch fish, you need to build the weir while applying the readily available materials. Also, try to take into consideration the type of fish available in a given area. If the river has small fish, you need to use stroger and more robust materials which will trap the small fish and prevent them from swimming out. Use a net or your shirt to catch fish after the weir is built. If you can construct a robust weir, then this method of fishing can be very effective


6. Survival fishing with a Spear You can make a DIY spear and use it to catch fish. This is a technique that requires patience and practice. You can end up making several attempts only to miss in most cases. To quickly catch fish in a survival situation while applying this tactic, you need to look for still shallow pools where fish are easier to spot and catch. Prefeably you can use a thick stick for a spear, just sharpen the edges using a survival knife or rock ( If you are hunting bigger game then cut out a small branch and slice the edges into 4 parts. After you have split the wood, then sharpen the edges and a use small stick to keep the split separted. If you can combine the fish spear with the weir method, then the process of applying the fish spear becomes easier.


7. Survival Fishing with a Basket Trap It is straightforward to make a basket trap. First, you need to scout and locate material which you can use to make a basket trap. The method works very well if you intend to catch fish in running water. The trap should be designed in such a way you will have a funnel-shaped entrance which allows fish to enter the trap and restrict them from escaping. You need to consider several factors when creating the trap. For example, you need to check the size of the fish and the materials available. For the trap to be effective, it should be strong enough to resist the current of water from affecting it.

If you can apply the basket trap well, it can help you in getting food in a survival situation. Apart from using the basket trap, you can as well have some bait in the basket to attract more fish into the trap. It is easy to catch catfish in a trap if you can locate it in strategic locations. It is among the most effective methods you can always apply to achieve great success when trying to catch fish. If you are looking for a purpose which is less cruel when catching fish, then using the traps can be a great way to go about it. It allows you to catch fish and then prepare them for food.

There are several ways you can prepare fish as food. Choose your preferred method, and you will be good to go in your process of searching for the food in a survival situation.To survive in using fish as food, you need to employ the right tactics. Apply the readily available materials such as sticks as rods or making DIY spears which you can use to catch the fish. There are several methods you can apply, always go for the technique which you can easily apply to catch the fish.

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