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Survival Gear: 11 must have items for your survival kit

Based on the current state of the world we live in today, we believe it’s very important that every household have some type of survival kit available because you never know what could happen from day-to-day.  It’s better to stay ready and prepared and for anything, then to naively think every year is going to be sunshine and roses.

On a lighter note, survival kits are great for people who enjoy doing outdoor activities such as, hunting, hiking and especially camping. Camping is a very popular activity that millions of people participate in each year.  Now among the millions, there are always a few thousand that get lost on trails, encounter dangerous animals and fall and injure themselves while hiking. Knowing the risks involved, we believe it’s safe to say that a good survival kit is a must-have.  Below are 11 must have survival gear for your survival kit.

Water filter This is a must-have item for your survival kit. If you find yourself in a survival situation, then finding water will always be your first priority. If you are lucky, you may come across freshwater that actually safe to drink, but for the most part, freshwater still needs to be treated. This is where a water filter comes into play. Most water filters kill all the bacteria and pathetic viruses found in water. With a water filter, you can drink water from the most bacteria infected places and still be good to go. Here is a good portable water filter that’s very popular on Amazon

Other ways to Filter water

another way to purify your water is to boil it for about 5 to 10 minutes, this will essentially kill all bacteria.

You can also Purify water by using rocks sand and charcoal. If you’re interested here is an article explaining how this is done.


Tactical Pen This is not just any pen, it comes with a flashlight and handy knife. Tactical pens are very handy because why not. You have a bunch of tactical features thrown into one, plus you have a pen. This particular gadget will easily come into play in a survival situation. Check prices on Amazon



Firestarter Every survival kit needs a good firestarter. Unlike matches, fire starters can last for years making them highly useful and reliable. If you find yourself in a survival situation then firestarters will definitely help to sustain your life.  Many people have such a tough time creating fire with two sticks and would rather have a firestarter gadget device to make life easier. This is definitely a go-to device when it comes to filling up your survival kit. Check prices on Amazon




Survival Shovel This is a pretty interesting device that deserves to be in your survival kit. It comes with 15 different multifunctional tools for your survival. This is a go-to item for survival situation simply because that is so much packed into one. Here’s a good one




Survival Multitool Survival Multitools are some of the most useful tools you can keep in a survival kit. They are highly portable and usually have 5 or more different functions. The great things about multi-tools are that you literally have a miniature toolbox in the palm of your hands.  This makes for a great go-to tool if you ever get stuck in a survival situation. Take a look at this popular survival tool that has gotten a lot of attention over that past few years.

Survival whistle This is a cool gadget to have in your tactical bag. Survival whistles can be very useful in a survival situation especially if you are lost and trying to find civilization.  Most survival whistles are extremely loud and will carry sound quite nicely. We recommend using the Noopel Whistle. This survival whistle is water-proof and provides up to 120 decibels of sound, which is enough  to be heard at long distances. This lightweight device may even run off animals.




Solar panels Solar panels have come along way since the late 1990s. Now you can purchase a good quality solar panel for under $100 dollars. This is simply revolutionary because it gives you the ability to produce your own electricity for devices in the middle of nowhere. So instead of camping without having your favorite gadgets, you can now bring them along and just recharge them willingly. This is highly useful in an emergency or survival situation because it gives you access to communication and other life-saving gadgets.

This particular panel can fold up and fit in your survival bag and can charge your phone, tablet, or a small battery bank. If you plan on being out in wilderness longer and need power for heavier devices such as laptops and TVs, then you might want to get a higher wattage panel along with a bigger battery bank. Check out this article explaining the best solar panel and battery bank combination kit to get.


Survival Hatchet- This is another must-have item for your survival kit. If you’ve seen a good quality survival movie then you know that a hatchet is usually the way to go in survival situations, If gives you the benefit of cutting down small trees and branches, cutting through brush, and protecting yourself from wild animals.  Unfortunately, only a few survival knives can do what a hatchet can do, so its best to stick with a hatchet in survival situations. Here’s a good tactical Hatchet on Amazon that can be used for hunting, chopping, throwing and combat.


Tactical survival bow A survival bow is always useful when It comes to protection and hunting, but most Bow and arrows will not fit in a survival bag and will have to be carried around. Check out this cool tactical survival bow that can be taken apart to fit in a bag. It comes with three arrows and has a draw weight of 45lbs. This portable edition for your survival kit will give you a clear advantage when it comes to moving around with lots of gear.


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Survival Radio- This a handy gadget to have especially in an emergency situation. With FM/AM and shortwave radio, you can stay up to date in a survival situation. Many of these survival radios come equipped with a hand crank, solar panel, and battery backup unit to keep power going. With a survival radio it really doesn’t matter what environmental situation you face, you can always produce power. Here’s a good survival radio on Amazon with great reviews.





Medical Kit-If you’re doing anything outdoors, there’s always a risk of injuring yourself such as getting cut, falling down a hill, tripping over a tree branch, getting bite by a wild animal,  or getting stung by bees. There’s always something that could hurt you, so keeping a medical kit handy is very important. Here’s a popular medical kit on Amazon that is directed more toward portability.




As stated before, the times we live in can be dangerous and unpredictable, so it’s smart to stay prepared even if everything is hokey dory. There’s an old saying that states ” If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. We are not at all trying to put fear in your heart, but just want you to be prepared and ready if you face a survival or emergency situation. These 11 items for your survival kit should give you a good headstart in preparing.

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