Top 5 Survival Knives for the money

When one thinks of going on travel adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, spelunking or exploring, they will think of having some type of protection weapon or a survival tool handy. If you were a fan or still are of the TV Series “Lost” you definitely know that tactical knives come in handy in wayward situations.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to fight, hunt or chop down branches, then these are the go-to knives. They aren’t actually barbecue or slaughter knives, but can do the job quite exemplary. The marines and troopers aren’t left out on this one as well.

Without further ado, you will definitely be glad to hear or see the cavalry coming when diplomacy fails and you know why. For those searching for survival knives, here are the Top 5 best Survival Knives for the money.


1. Gerber StrongArm Survival Tactical Knife  This is a High carbon stainless steel dagger with a fine edge suitable for combat and any survival situations. The handle casing to the knife is a polymer of glass filled with nylon, with a ceramic coating and a rubberized grip having diamond textured surface.

The back edge of the knife has got a pommel for striking surfaces and comes in handy in other situations as well. The Gerber StrongArm knife has got a multi-mount sheath system that can be mounted vertically on the MOLLE, horizontally and vertically on the belt and hidden in the drop-leg style.

The blade and the sheath are lightweight with the knife weighing less than 8 ounces, with a blade length of 4.8 inches and overall knife length of 9.8 inches. It may come in a number of desired colors and the Gerber StrongArm usage is general purpose. Check prices and reviews on Amazon


2. CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Survival and Hunting Knife  For campers and wildlife enthusiasts, the CDS-Survival MOVA 58 is the select knife for your outdoor activities. The knife is a stainless-steel molybdenum vanadium 58 with the HRC 56-59. This high-end blade comes with a micarta or exotic Cocobolo wooden handle.

What’s fascinating about this knife is that it is hand-made and laser cut. For all those tactical knife lovers, I believe that when it comes to steel treating, they know that a one hour of steel heat treating, to HRC 56-59 cannot be compared to the same steel heat treating to HRC 56-59 of 3 days. Thus, this is one durable and lifelong and lasting survival knife.

It has also got a leather sheath having a snap fastener. The sheath can be superbly fit on the belt with easy access. The CDS-Survival MOVA 58 comes with a stone sharpener and firesteel that is either Celtibero Black or Coco. This is a heavy-duty knife but weighs less than 1.8 pounds. The blade length is 5.7 inches with the overall knife length at 10.82 inches. Check prices and reviews on Amazon


3. Fallkniven A1 Knife  The Fallkniven A1 is a sturdy knife made of composite, extremely hardened and toughened laminated VG10 Steel. The knife has a full tang that goes through the handle ensuring that the handle does not break off. This makes the dagger stronger.

The knife has got a spectacularly designed ergonomic grip. The Fallkniven A1 knife was built with world-class standards with attention to detail given to the economy, design, and sturdiness, with a ripple effect of setting international standards for affordability, design, and strength.

The knife comes with a black leather sheath that is strong and lasting. Regarding the world-class design, this knife was well built to withstand differences in temperature, whether extremely cold or hot and is not affected by water. This knife isn’t as heavy as the CDS-Survival MOVA 58 weighing less than 15 ounces. The design also looks sporty. Check prices and reviews on Amazon


4. Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #1  Owing to the designer’s fortitude and resilience, spending time as a survival expert, one can be sure of a legendary designed tactical knife. He put all his years-experience into making this magnificent tactical tracker knife.

The designer is Tom Brown, and the knife is an all-purpose dagger with the ability to cut, carve, saw, and even cut wires. The knife is serrated on the top end giving it a firm grip for tearing and sawing.

The knife looks monstrous in a good way and you can be sure to survive with it in the jungle or wilderness as the knife even hammers. The Tom Brown Tracker is made of a high carbon alloy, fitted with a Micarta linen for a firm grip. The knife has a Kydex sheath. This is a somewhat heavy-duty knife as well, weighing around 1.6 pounds. Check prices and reviews on Amazon




5. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Knife with “Fire Starter” Ergonomic handle with a comfortable high-friction rubber grip is the Morakniv Bushcraft Knife. The knife is mostly designed as a survival knife but can have general purpose utility. The blade is made of high-quality Carbon Steel with an anti-corrosive coating and the knife is well heat treated, durable and has scale hardness of HRC 56-58.

The knife is sharp enough and very sturdy for any outdoor activities. The knife comes with a black sheath that holds a diamond knife sharpener. On the sheath is a fire starter which yields up to 7,000 strikes and has a 3,000-degree spark which will work even when wet.

The sheath is made of plastic and has a removable belt loop and clip to securely and safely hold the knife in place. The fire starter is well fitted and easily accessible.

Among the uses the knife can be used for may include, batoning, carving and creating feather sticks for starting a fire as well as many more outdoor tactical applications. The knife weighs around 5.4 ounces and has a blade length of 4.3 inches with a total length of 9.1 inches. The knife thickness is 0.126 inches. Check Prices and reviews on Amazon


A survival knife is an essential tool that most people frown over, seemingly viewing it as a weapon or an excessive tool. Well, the campers, hunters and wildlife enthusiast know a little bit different and assuredly this is an equipment that may come in handy, whether out on escapades or just hanging within the neighborhood. Some, within the homestead, have taken to carving or other sporting venture and made a worthwhile living over it and it all just started with the knife.

Detailed above are the Top 5 Survival Knives, and you can never go wrong by getting one of the listed knives. All in all, survival doesn’t mean having to venture into the wild, calamity may strike without notice, are you ready?

Generally speaking, these survival knives will equip you with the added advantage to tackle certain terrifying situations and the number of advantages over the use and ownership of a survival knife if listed could run a mile long.

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