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7 tornado survival tips that can save your life

7 Tornado Survival Tips – Nature can sometimes be quite unpredictable. It sometimes comes as highly volatile seasonal eruptions in the form of tornadoes. It is estimated that over 50 tornadoes can strike in a year. Generally, spring and summer seasons are known to come with their own share of violent storms. Tornadoes can cause devastation and wreckage in a matter of seconds, and without warning. Although a tornado can sometimes be spotted by a naked eye, or on the radar, other time they are blanketed by rain or clouds that hang low. Tornadoes are fast and dangerous and can take you by surprise, for this reason preparedness and safety measures should be your number one priority. Here are some of the most applied tornado survival tips to keep you safe during the outbreak.


  1. Stay Away From Windows  Some homes or building such as stores come with giant windows.  Usually, when a tornado starts to pick up wind speed, its first strong impact will be windows.  As the most immediate point of entry, it’s an area prone to all kinds of flying debris, and broken glass.Flying debris is known to be the number one cause of bodily injury. Therefore, it is simply too dangerous to be sticking around windows. Precautions around windows include keeping them tightly closed. Also, no attempt should be made to open them before, during or slightly after the eruption because you want to equalize pressure.  Instead, you should just stay away from this area.


  1. Know the Difference between a Watch and a Warning Knowing and understanding tornado alerts is key to your staying safe. Some of the most important tornado alerts are the watch, and warning alert; you definitely need to tell the difference between the two.A tornado watch means that there are conditions in the atmosphere that could easily generate into a tornado. Typically, a watch also includes isolating what looks like a severe thunderstorm from a real tornado. It lets you know that there is potential, and likelihood in the air. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for bad weather which could be in the form of either severe thunderstorm or a tornado. Meanwhile, a warning comes with more urgency. It requires more action to stay safe. More often, a warning needs to be taken seriously, and with stringent measures on your part. A warning helps you to take all necessary safety measures, including taking shelter and making plans to stay away from any kind of harm.Also, a warning is usually specific in nature. It could be that it has been spotted by people, or it can be seen clearly on the radar. As such, the risk looms much higher than a watch.


  1. Have an Emergency Prepare Kit You just never can predict how long the weather is going to run amok. It is the very reason you need to invest in an emergency kit ready for use in your hideout.A typical emergency kit should comprise of all the basics you need for survival. It’s a hazard’s kind of kit that comprises of the following: – Protection and Shelter Equipment: Some of the requirements include face masks, thick blankets, sleeping bags, ponchos, and flashlights.- Work Tools: These include screwdrivers of all types, regular pliers and needle nose pliers, a knife file, bottle opener, and leather gloves.- Communication Tools: An AM/FM radio, accompanied with this with two sets of compatible AAA batteries comes in handy for news alerts. Have a notepad, pen and a waterproof document pouch.- Nutrition and hydration: Equip yourself with a 20-liter water gallon bag, as it helps in storing water. Have at least 12 pieces of  200 calorie bars with a 5-year shelf life. Include also water purification tablets.- Mediation and sanitation requirements: These can include toilet paper, women sanitary necessities, wet towels, personal prescriptions, and family first aid kitIt’s important to have an emergency kit that is light and easily portable. It this is a critical part of any preparation kit as you can swiftly move along with it in case you need to move away from one shelter to another.The kit should also be as durable as possible, as it helps to keep all supplies well-protected and for as long as it takes.


  1. Have A Safe Room Identified Although there is usually no guarantee when it comes to a tornado, you can still prepare a safety room for shelter. Such an enclosure helps you and your family to dash in it, in a matter of seconds. Once a tornado warning is issued, you need to know exactly which room to escape to. Common places that are usually recommended for some level of safely include:- The basement. But just in case your home does not have a basement, always set aside an interior room, one which is far away from the windows. – You can use a room that is based on the lowest floor, which is also more situated at the center of the building.If you are away in an office building, you need to move away from an area which is exposed to windows and doors. Move also to the lowest section of the building. Also, get away from any electrical power points such as the elevator, just in case there is a power blackout. Otherwise, you could easily get trapped.


  1. Get in A Ditch If Outside Sometimes a tornado can simply find you outdoors and unawares. One of the best tornado survival tips in such circumstances includes:- Lying as low to the ground as possible.- Finding the nearest ditch to take cover.A ditch is known to offer the most immediate protection, more than anything else in the outdoors. Once there, you can keep calm, and wait for the winds to unravel above and around you, leaving you unharmed. Do not leave the place until the weather subsides. Other than that, get also far away from any trees, building and any moving objects such as cars.


  1. Tornado Survival Tips When Driving One of the riskiest places to find yourself in a tornado is when you are inside a car and driving.The options for safety are much less. An immediate instinct is to get out of the car or to shelter under an overpass. Yet these are not the best of any safety strategies. Winds can be overbearing in higher places, including an overpass. Debris can easily get to you if you run out of the vehicle. Instead, you can apply the following measures:Change your course of driving, and towards any kind of visible strong shelter, especially if the storm seems to be slightly away. You can dash to buildings such as restaurants, convenience stores or truck stores. Once there, go straight to the basement area, or a center-room area, far away from windows.If a tornado finds you right inside the car, be calm. You can then try and park the car safely, and away from any traffic lanes. You should stay inside while making sure that you have the car seat belts on.Also, try to lie as low as possible, with your entire body lying below the car windows. If you have a blanket or any type of soft cover, use it to shelter yourself; otherwise, just use your hands to cover your head. If you can spot the tornado and tell the direction in which it’s heading, always take the right angle of driving.  n this case, if it’s heading northwards, try and drive eastwards. Just don’t try to drive parallel to it.


  1. Leave If You Live In a Mobile Home or Something SimilarMobile homes and other non-sturdy structures are always prone to destruction in the event of a tornado. It is the reason you need to move to a safer place before the inevitable happensSome of the  preparations and precautions include:- Deciding exactly where you want to move to in case of a tornado. You need to be appraised, ahead of time in case of bad weather- You can sign up for regular weather updates and alerts to keep yourself informed.In the event that a tornado strikes abruptly, it’s also likely that you may not have time to get to a shelter. As such, you need to use the best safety courses of action.It includes immediately getting out of your mobile structure. You can then quickly identify any low lying area, or a ditch to take cover. Always get as far away as possible from any moving objects such as cars, and from trees.



Tornadoes in any form can be quite volatile and disruptive whenever they strike. Preparedness and tornado survival tips are key to staying safe. Basically, you need to be equipped with all the do and don’ts so as to get out of harm’s way.Knowledge and basic survival skills can determine so many other things including life and death situations. More often than not, flying debris pose the greatest danger. Always use the best methods to stay away for any kind of missiles when the storm strikes. Meanwhile, you should always be conversant with tornado weather alerts. It helps you to take the most appropriate action in the event of an outbreak.

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