why do bees chase you

Why do Bees chase you

To answer the question why do bees chase you, let’s look at a couple reasons why a bee would chase you in the first place. The first reason why bees would chase you is if they are provoked. You’d be surprised how many people intentionally provoke bees just to see what would happen. The second reason why bees would chase you is if unintentionally provoked. Many people don’t realize they could do this. The last reason why bees may chase you is because of the clothing you wear or the type of fragrance you have on. Let’s take a closer look into why do bees chase you.

They are Provoked Intentionally

Bees are extremely territorial of their hive and queen so if provoked they can cause a massive counterattack against you or anyone standing near you. Usually, when someone sees or hears a beehive they would try to avoid at all cost, but what if that beehive is attached to your house. In one way or another, you will have to deal with the problem and in most cases, people don’t know how. Seriously disturbing a beehive is grounds for getting chased and depending on the type of bees provoked, you better have your Nikes on or shelter near.

Now if you have no other choice and have to remove a beehive, then that’s understandable, but unfortunately, many idiots get chased or stung because they intentionally disturb a beehive to see what would happen. This type of behavior is dangerous to you and all the people around and should not be practiced. If a beehive is in a safe location away from people, then it’s best to leave the bees alone.

They are provoked unintentionally

Now, this is the category where most people might fall into. You unintentionally come across a beehive or get too close without knowing you are near one. Some bees can be extremely aggressive towards anyone within the range of their hive. If you caused enough ruckus the bees might chase after you or swarm around you and in a defense mode.

This type of unprovoked action may happen more to people who like to hike through the woods and camp. This also happens a lot to people who don’t realize there’s a beehive on or near their house. Often times you might not even know what you walked into until it’s too late.

They are provoked by what you wear

Believe it or not, it is very possible for Bees to chase you based on the type of clothing you are wearing. Have you ever noticed why bee handlers always wear white? Bees are said to become aggressive toward someone wearing darker shades.

This is because they may see you as an intruder such as a bear attacking their beehive, so if you’re being chased by bees for no particular reason it could be because of your attire. Another reason why bees might chase you because of the perfume, cologne or lotion you have on. some scents will carry an aroma that will agitate the bees and trigger an attack. Unfortunately, its hard to pinpoint which frangrance will set a colony off. You will just have to take inventory of what you have on should you come across an agressive colony.


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Types of bees most likely to chase you

Typically all bees will chase you if provoked or if their hive is being threatened, but some bees are more aggressive than others and will give you a harder time if provoked.


Killer Bees( Africanized bee) are definitely the most dangerous bees you can come across. They are a cross breed between the western honey bees and the South African bee. In the 1950s they escaped from a lab in Brazil and over the last 6 decades have spread across north and south America. These bees can be extremely aggressive if provoked and will have no problem chasing you. Some sources say this bee will chase you up to a quarter mile at 15- 20 miles per hour. Now that’s pretty fast for a small bee and if there is no shelter in-site can mean a bad day for you. This bee’s stinger is no more venomous than the average honey bee, but one thing that set’s killer bees apart is the sheer number of bees willing to sting you. If you disturb a killer’s bee’s hive you can possibly be stung over a thousand times in a few minutes.

Honey Bees– Honey bees are generally the most common bee in North America and have a reputation for being aggressive if there hive is threatened. Similar to killer bees, they can only sting you once, but their stings are said to be very painful

What to do if Bees are chasing you

Try to outrun the bees: As mentioned before, bees can fly 15-20 mph, so if you are in good shape you can generally outrun them
Never jump into water: Jumping into water will not help you escape a bee attack. Often times an aggressive colony will just wait for you to resurface and continue their attack.
Seek Shelter immediately
If stung wait until you get to a safe location before removal


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Other Reasons why do bees chase you

If their queen was killed
Colonies are in the middle of a war
If bees are stealing pollen from one another

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