Wicked ridge invader g3: Why its the best of the best

Surprisingly, hunting with a gun is not that fun or enjoyable as compared to doing it using a crossbow. This is because when hunting is done using crossbows, a certain amount of creativity is required to get the job done.  This makes the whole experience full of excitement and at the same time giving you a good interaction with the environment.  Instead of spending a lot of time going through every crossbow on the market or buying into a sub-standard bow to determine which is the best crossbow, we have made your work a lot easier. In this article, we will review arguably the best crossbow currently on the market.

The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is an amazing product that stands in a category all by itself.  It’s said to be one of the best crossbows on the market out thousands that have been tested and reviewed. The crossbow is produced by Ten-point and it holds the award from Petersen’s Hunting Best Value Award.  The Wicked Ridge invader G3 is versatile and its price is low compared to other crossbows on the market. So what makes this crossbow so popular?  Below we will answer that question exposing its best features.


The power of a crossbow is a major factor to be considered when purchasing one since it determines the speed and accuracy at which you will be shooting your arrow. A major characteristic which influences a crossbow’s power is its draw weight. Draw weights on crossbows are the rated in pounds which the crossbow will require to draw the string back into the cocked position. In terms of draw weights, the poundage that the crossbow is able to comfortably drawback is a major consideration when it comes to purchasing one. Some other crossbows come with cocking devices to assist their archers during cocking to lighten their loads. One of the devices which have already been used is the crank cocking device. The device is attached to the crossbow to provide a pull-type system which eliminates strain on the user by mechanically drawing the bow back. Usually, these devices use coking ropes attached to the string and anchored to the shooting rail which eases the drawing weight on the user to up to 50%.

Higher draw weight makes the bow erroneous and makes the bow’s components more prone to wear and tear. Apart from draw weights, other factors which determine the bow’s speed are the limb configuration and the length of the power stroke. Normally, the faster the arrow speed the further and flatter it can be fired thus enabling the user to take on big games. The Wicked RidgeInvader G3 crossbow comes with 400-grain bolts which it can fire with a speed of 330 fps and kinetic energy of 90 FPKE. This speed is able to take out animals the size of a deer or bear with ease, thus this bow enables the user to participate in big hunting games. Moreover, the bow comes with a T2 trigger characterized by a sharp release of 3.5lb in weight which enhances the arrows’ accuracy.

User Comfort

The standard bow models come with a simple assembling procedure to enable the user to do it with ease and without wasting time.  Manufacturers ensure that most of the parts constituting the bow are already fixed together and the ones which require fixing need some few touch ups. The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow is made such that the estimated assembling time is less than 10 minutes for either newbies or experts. When the G3 crossbow is fully assembled it only weighs 6.6 pounds which is a very comfortable weight for the user to walk with or even run without struggling. Thanks to its semi-skeletal framework design which makes it significantly lighter.

In addition to making the G3 crossbow light, the design also makes it look stylish and sleek. Another important feature of the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow which makes it suitable when in use is the mossy camouflage finish.The finish gives the user confidence in using it in any natural backdrop since it adds aesthetic appealing and functioning. Thus hunters who like taking a blind position against the prey will surely find it comfortable using this bow. During hunting the hunter is required to manually disengage the safety valve in order to release the arrow aimed at the target. On the G3crossbow, the safety valve is strategically positioned for easy access and operation.

Also, unlike many crossbows, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow has the T2 trigger which gives users top-of-the-range gaming experience. Moreover, when cocked the device measure 19 inches of width which is reasonable enough (small) to allow the hunter to shoot arrows even from a very small space. Hence, the G3s are very convenient to use than many crossbows in the market. Additionally, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow comes with a cocking energy wheel that reduces the pounds of weight required to drawback to the cocked position. This re-cocking works based on the self-retract system and can reduce the draw weight from 165 lbs to 80 lbs. Therefore, the G3 crossbow is the best in the market for your hunting.


The G3 crossbow model is built with a sturdy body to ensure that it endures the tough hunting condition in various environments. Moreover, the bow is lightweight and compact implying that it is not prone to damages as compared to heavy bows especially when they fall.

Noise suppression

A good bow needs to come with a noise suppression fitted system for purposes of reducing noise production which may disturb and alarm the prey. The G3 crossbow is said to be reasonably quiet, but they do produce an audible click when the arrow is fired because it does not come with any fitted noise suppression systems. Therefore, when using the G3 model, the audible clicks produced during shooting can startle the prey thus resulting in off-target arrows during the hunting game. To reduce the noise, you can invest in a string stop set, this reduces noise from the bow by reducing the impact of the bow. Alternatively, you can make your hunting experience interesting by buying suppressors for your bow. This will reduce the vibration of the bow limb and frame hence enhancing your accuracy during arrow firing. Usually, the sound produced by the crossbow is concentrated in the front direction, therefore, it is important to take that into consideration when purchasing suppressors.


Every standard bow should be equipped with safety measures so that no accident or any unwanted activity takes place. For instance, imagine a crossbow firing that’s not in use. This will be dangerous since it would hurt people, including you. For that reason, the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow will never shoot arrows accidentally due to the dry-fire inhibitor which only allows firing of arrows when its in place only. To make the bow safer to use its auto safe clicks on automatically after cocking it, so in order to fire the bow you have to disengage the auto safe manually. Usually, the fingers are not supposed to be near the string path since it can cause hand injuries. The G3 takes care of that by ensuring that your strengths keep your fingers away from the string path. Moreover, your fingers will also be kept away from the string path by the designed safety wings reinforced with nylon material.

Quality of optics

The optics is used during hunting for the purpose of enhancing accuracy when firing at the prey. Most of the standard bows come with a scope and Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow being one of the best bows come with one too. The scope for the G3 is aTentPoint scope uniquely designed and remounted on a fixed aluminum machine in a dovetail frame. The G3’s scope has multiple for easy realization of the target point, this reduces time wasting and increases accuracy. This scope of the Invader G3 crossbow unlike other scopes it does not require much tuning to achieve the hold zero. Usually, this particular scope has scope points ranging within 20 to 40 yards, thus hunting a prey located between 20 and 4yards is such a breeze. In fact, hunters using the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow have confirmed that firing at a prey 20 yards away is pretty accurate such that if you aim at the same point twice you will be shooting at your own arrow. The only challenge is that the scope which comes with the crossbow has been marked out with weak illumination. Since many hunters play the hunting game during twilight hours when the sunlight is limited, therefore the weak illuminated is a setback in enjoying the hunting game. However, this should not limit you as you can purchase more advanced scopes with quality and clear images irrespective of the sunlight level or weather conditions.


The Wicked Ridge Invader G3 bow is the best value for money among all bows in the market since it comes with remarkable hunting features and an adorable design in a comparatively low price. The only limitations you may experience with this bow are poorly illuminated scope limiting you which time of the day to hunt and low power which can limit you about the kind of game to hunt.

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